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Device V8.2.3.0.MHRMIDL ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-14-2017 Pending find device 2/59 deskomiui
May-11-2017 Pending Network 0/36 Tmontasim
May-09-2017 Pending Notifications​ 0/83 Víctorbg
May-07-2017 Pending Reject button issue 0/26 farooq811
May-07-2017 Pending phone boot's only in black screen suddenly after recording live video from fb 0/50 sozirarak
May-04-2017 Pending WhatsApp dont works 0/55 AaronTrickinYT
May-02-2017 Pending I need help with the charger 0/27 Lonto10
Apr-30-2017 Pending 耳機模式無法退出 0/24 vickaco
Apr-30-2017 Pending 耳機模式無法退出 0/20 vickaco
Apr-30-2017 Pending sound of incoming SMS was lost 0/30 MalderFox
Apr-30-2017 Pending sound of incoming SMS was lost 0/47 MalderFox
Apr-29-2017 Pending Unresponsive buttons and part of screen 0/21 Stubacca
Apr-29-2017 Pending заметки 0/19 Avik126
Apr-29-2017 Pending My battry don't sarve me enough 0/28 Anik.ak
Apr-28-2017 Pending alarm settings 0/22 micromonstro
Apr-28-2017 Pending компас 0/20 Viktrio
Apr-28-2017 Pending problemas smart lock 0/65 note3miguel
Apr-27-2017 Pending message problem 0/35 mariaky
Apr-27-2017 Pending BT A2DP Music frequency not constant 0/38 miuibt
Apr-26-2017 Pending message sound 0/36 mariaky
Apr-26-2017 Pending Weather app show incorrect information 0/40 frenzi2012
Apr-25-2017 Pending Back camera doesn't work 0/50 acetaminophen92
Apr-25-2017 Pending after clean cache Facebook keep working 0/33 frenzi2012
Apr-25-2017 More info needed proximity sensor 0/57 Redmivfm
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