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Device 7.3.28 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Apr-10-2017 Duplicate playstore problem still persist 0/72 munifa
Apr-09-2017 Answered dialer freezes 0/39 jigarmak
Apr-06-2017 Duplicate Widget problems 3/70 Evan420
Apr-06-2017 Rejected redmi note 4 0/59 4135786vis
Apr-06-2017 Rejected Notes app popup 0/27 Vrij
Apr-04-2017 Rejected Android System WebView on Android 7.0, Why is this still there? 1/68 GenXinvenits
Apr-01-2017 Pending error in play store 4/110 1621587251
Mar-31-2017 Duplicate redmi note 4x, waiting for wifi google app store bug 0/152 DragonWa
Mar-31-2017 Pending Vodafone 4G not work in redmi note 4 Indian version 3/238 Sanju5683
Mar-31-2017 Rejected battery charging time increased from this latest updates 0/40 subhjeet
Mar-31-2017 Pending notification light 0/22 govindkus
Mar-31-2017 Pending Vodafone 4G not work 0/51 Sanju5683
Mar-31-2017 Rejected Google play store not work 0/55 Sanju5683
Mar-30-2017 Pending Google play store not work properly 2/183 Sanju5683
Mar-30-2017 Rejected Video player 0/54 @anuj
Mar-30-2017 Pending bug in miui music player in redmi note 4 android nougat rom 4/144 1621587251
Mar-30-2017 Irrelevant kamera xiomi 0/45 mayong201
Mar-30-2017 Duplicate Playstore downloading issue 10/296 amiransari2
Mar-29-2017 Rejected Android system webview disable 0/131 malik_123
Mar-29-2017 Pending Can't turn off specific apps in autostart menu 1/55 Asahnoln
Mar-29-2017 Pending themes 0/48 siddhartha8595
Mar-28-2017 Pending MIUI Screen Recorder bug on MiPad and volume level 0/52 Adonay
Mar-28-2017 Duplicate widget not showing 2/91 malik_123
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