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Device 7.3.16 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Apr-26-2017 Pending MIUI Power Saver doesn't exception 0/29 Vladyany4
Apr-24-2017 Pending How to fix bluetooth is not opening 0/28 Tak1998
Apr-23-2017 Pending MIUI Power Saver bug 0/61 Vladyany4
Apr-02-2017 Pending failed unlock redmi note 4x 1/92 mashudi12345678
Apr-01-2017 Pending Can't play .m4a format 0/44 Linerva
Mar-29-2017 Answered updater is not installing new update 1/52 Revanthsunny
Mar-29-2017 Answered Not updating 0/33 Manroop;)
Mar-29-2017 Pending video call issue 0/36 629386861
Mar-29-2017 Answered update error 1/131 Deadzone35
Mar-28-2017 Pending 10008: 参数错误、 请参考API文档" Unlocking Bootloader 8/219 lelka337
Mar-28-2017 Pending fingerprint gestures and multitasking 0/33 moksh.budhiraja
Mar-28-2017 Pending updet 0/35 Avadh02
Mar-28-2017 Pending fingerprint 0/55 krnwn
Mar-28-2017 Irrelevant Update Android 6.0 0/67 nhihoppro
Mar-27-2017 Pending cant acces mi5 forum 0/24 fazafkandi
Mar-27-2017 Irrelevant how to change username 0/53 +491629166935
Mar-27-2017 Pending Redmi 3S Prime - 2100 Band not supported - 4G Service not working for Vodafone 4/224 venkatkpalani
Mar-27-2017 Pending update error 0/29 Deadzone35
Mar-27-2017 Pending miui 8 7.3.23 update 0/70 Subhrhansu
Mar-27-2017 Pending MIUI Global rom 7.3.23 update 1/122 Unveg
Mar-27-2017 Pending Phone wont reboot to recovery 0/54 1632923055
Mar-27-2017 Pending Can't Clear This Call history 1/32 Shuvam_Datta.
Mar-26-2017 Irrelevant update 0/33 Faizalahmed
Mar-26-2017 Pending 4G+ 1/91 rejika
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