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Device V8.2.1.0.NAAMIEB ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-15-2017 More info needed problem 0/39 reven20
Jun-06-2017 Pending can't download whatsapp 0/27 stafforl
Apr-09-2017 Duplicate Google playstore waiting for wifi 1/179 Warwolfxxx
Apr-09-2017 Duplicate Google Play Store 1/160 jelkeaco88
Apr-09-2017 Duplicate Not able to download any app 1/108 oncloudnonine
Apr-09-2017 Duplicate When downloading from Google Play Market, waits for a WiFi network. 0/70 sparrow71
Apr-08-2017 Pending speaker doesnt work 0/30 oteval
Apr-08-2017 Pending show another people pic in my profile. 0/42 engr.alam
Apr-08-2017 Pending SafetyNet test failed 2/124 sandbnas
Apr-08-2017 Answered cant get the update 0/57 Dausnvl
Apr-08-2017 Duplicate Unable to download apps from play store 0/46 Raviraj75
Apr-08-2017 Solved Error Resolved in Mi5 0/114 ultron1o1
Apr-08-2017 Solved Playstore error solved 0/68 ultron1o1
Apr-08-2017 Pending please fix the camera and play store bug.. performance is also low.. 0/43 muntasir96
Apr-08-2017 Pending Ads on global ROM in MIUI applications 0/116 PerezChilli
Apr-08-2017 Duplicate Only Show "Waiting For WiFi Network" 0/103 Aviee
Apr-08-2017 Duplicate google play and several wifi connection problems 1/95 egeturk
Apr-08-2017 Duplicate Problem with Google Play(Not with Apps Store by Xiaomi) 0/89 phoonbhop
Apr-07-2017 Duplicate play store 0/78 1607711109
Apr-07-2017 Pending Mi Sound Effects doesn't work with Google Play Music ( 0/64 4upuk
Apr-07-2017 Duplicate not able to install new apps after upgrading to 8.2 0/84 badriprasad
Apr-07-2017 Duplicate Unable to download apps from play store 0/71 Vipin87
Apr-07-2017 Duplicate playstore 2/55 yusri9999
Apr-07-2017 Duplicate This version of MI5 is not compatible with Google play store. 1/88 priyap
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