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Device 7.3.2 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Oct-12-2017 Pending are updates available 0/17 sandpa
Sep-25-2017 Pending problem with google programs 0/22 mikemalone
Sep-25-2017 Pending Stereo audio recording not possible 0/43 aditya444
Sep-25-2017 Answered Contacts app not linking similar contacts from different app accounts. 1/140 aditya444
Sep-15-2017 Pending miui 9 0/35 1654980867
Sep-14-2017 Pending battery late charging 0/28 Rakesh8008
Sep-14-2017 Pending rear camera not working 0/33 Rakesh8008
Sep-14-2017 Pending required volte 0/25 Rakesh8008
Sep-12-2017 Pending 8777419997 0/21 8777419997
Sep-04-2017 Pending Battery takes a lot of time to charge 0/34 Javijipr
Sep-02-2017 Pending update 0/45 sandpa
Sep-01-2017 More info needed video call 0/30 SRIONO
Aug-30-2017 Pending Mi4C cant connect to PC at all :( 0/32 RidFURY
Aug-17-2017 Irrelevant foto terbalik 0/28 adellyasya
Aug-05-2017 Answered nothing update till now 0/54 putudevananda
Jul-31-2017 Pending update 0/31 azwar@yahoo.com
Jul-25-2017 Pending avvio app da sblocco 0/27 Paolof117
Jul-25-2017 Pending video tidak berfungsi 0/24 mettha
Jul-25-2017 Pending tidak ada suara pada saat melakukan panggilan 0/23 mettha
Jul-25-2017 Pending tidak ada suara pada saat melakukan panggilan 0/20 mettha
Jul-22-2017 Pending update xiaomi redmi 3 0/56 azwar@yahoo.com
Jul-22-2017 Pending tidak ada pembaruan MIUI 0/50 Chang_Anggara
Jul-22-2017 Pending The camera can not focus 0/30 w4w4n03
Jul-21-2017 Pending The camera can not focus 0/80 w4w4n03