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Device 7.2.9 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-28-2017 Pending mohon pencerahannya 0/20 diazzhp
May-20-2017 Irrelevant Battery broke 0/37 Axljossua
May-01-2017 Pending themes 0/42 Shinybeast
Apr-17-2017 Pending permission manager keeps stopping 0/66 KurvyHerv
Mar-17-2017 Pending locked device bug 0/57 arjid
Mar-16-2017 Pending Android.process.media filling up debug-logs with mp3s 0/71 filippologli
Mar-12-2017 Irrelevant More music extension compatible 0/44 EliteRaihan
Mar-06-2017 More info needed update 0/31 ykumawat
Mar-04-2017 Pending can't receive sms verification code from i.mi.com 2/112 867-ahmet#
Feb-26-2017 Pending Battery drainage 0/49 Bohaju
Feb-25-2017 Pending Maps' preferred app unchangeable 0/69 filippologli
Feb-24-2017 Answered PC Suite is not detecting the phone. 2/107 Askpro
Feb-20-2017 Irrelevant No support for Australia 1/104 2016newbie
Feb-19-2017 More info needed battery draining faster 0/176 aarya47
Feb-19-2017 Pending weather app 0/94 krik9119
Feb-19-2017 Irrelevant pink tabs 0/67 vieribiky
Feb-18-2017 Irrelevant No update available 0/213 GreenaWatterson
Feb-18-2017 Pending camera improvements 0/54 Vlatko
Feb-18-2017 Irrelevant No Update 0/237 alfaturk
Feb-18-2017 Pending switching to 2g 0/31 1576611476
Feb-17-2017 Pending Bootloader unlocking fail at 50℅ 0/81 Gaé7
Feb-17-2017 Pending Dialer App issues (important!) 0/66 Alcatronic
Feb-17-2017 Pending black list don't block some sms 1/48 sofico
Feb-17-2017 Duplicate take a video 0/42 mi:1672966188
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