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Device V8.1.2.0.MHOCNDI ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Apr-22-2017 Pending explorer not working 0/64 siewyun
Apr-01-2017 Pending google based apps like youtube gmap crashes after opening 0/60 navinmittal87
Mar-07-2017 Answered I need help 0/60 kyetim
Feb-26-2017 Pending Typo in the word 0/25 LostCauz3
Feb-23-2017 Pending Battery Charging Stops Randomly 0/130 texnologique
Feb-16-2017 Pending Old and ugly miui v5/v6 or even stock icons for apps in third-party launchers. 0/160 StevesCompany
Feb-13-2017 Answered theme erorr not aplly 0/87 Apajaboleh
Feb-10-2017 Pending Can't recieve/send messages 1/256 Shinmaya
Feb-09-2017 Pending Unable to find 'Security App' in the settings. 0/53 Niranjan251305
Feb-07-2017 Answered PC Suit not connected with phone. 0/134 ajithgunawickra
Feb-05-2017 Pending phone 0/45 hassanweity
Feb-05-2017 Pending Login details lost every Miui backup 0/63 mannwhite
Feb-05-2017 Pending Update 0/135 Andiazp
Feb-05-2017 Pending Charger is not working properly, continuously gets disconnected and reconnected. 0/72 CorzoPulcro
Feb-05-2017 Pending Explorer not opening 0/64 Tarunsha
Feb-05-2017 Pending mi note 4 0/71 terimikchut
Feb-05-2017 Irrelevant Note 4 0/78 Tigertony
Feb-04-2017 Pending "Mi account" entrance 0/64 miow...
Feb-04-2017 Pending xiaomi mi5 and xiaomi vr miv1 3/206 djuro23
Feb-04-2017 Pending notification preview 0/64 msd_m
Feb-04-2017 Pending no support 4g 0/36 hopemaria
Feb-04-2017 More info needed not too much good in low light 0/50 #sj
Feb-04-2017 Pending in Redmi Note 3 wire earphone mic not working calling time on MiUi ... 0/100 Pradip121
Feb-04-2017 Irrelevant redmi note 4 shoulld have fast charging 0/108 Azzyabby21
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