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Device 7.1.12 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Aug-30-2017 Pending need speaking indonesia. 0/22 1718202139
Aug-13-2017 Pending Redmi 3S can't play youtube 0/23 Heliumisme
May-04-2017 Pending upgrade 0/64 ahlulbait
Mar-04-2017 Answered volte and speaker 0/67 123abhi97
Feb-22-2017 Pending gallery app cant open 0/121 Pawanhackers...
Feb-14-2017 Irrelevant can't turn off capacitive button lights 0/163 p2nk
Feb-11-2017 Pending Wrong search results in notifications bar search 3/148 1647202315
Feb-09-2017 Pending minimum volume bug 0/123 Busaton
Feb-09-2017 Irrelevant google play store 0/140 tantrimelan
Feb-09-2017 Irrelevant It is still not updated miui 8 7.1.12 0/109 +79101527319
Feb-08-2017 Pending Issue with contacts 0/62 kinta44
Feb-04-2017 Pending can't remove mi band 2 from paired Bluetooth devices 4/657 sam_90
Jan-30-2017 Pending Time wrongly formatted 0/90 RyanMillett
Jan-28-2017 Pending Camera doesn't work in cloned Instagram 1/125 RyanMillett
Jan-26-2017 Pending The messenger system app is gone 0/129 swastikdwivedi1
Jan-25-2017 Pending Windows PC Screenshots (PNG) look blurry in MIUI 8 Gallery app 0/130 Jorge24
Jan-24-2017 Pending screen lock 1/82 vishal\'s\'
Jan-24-2017 Pending MP3 & M4A metadata bug: The degree symbol ( ° ) shows up as "Â" 3/494 Jorge24
Jan-23-2017 Pending camera 0/114 1648227630
Jan-23-2017 Pending Mi Account please help! 0/163 Kiberlis
Jan-22-2017 Pending unlock bootloader stopped in 50℅ 0/140 bahrudin123
Jan-22-2017 Pending mi4i mm 0/94 legkov
Jan-22-2017 Pending MIU 7 to 8 Update Mi Max is Bricked 0/117 Freedle_dre
Jan-21-2017 Pending please disable voice fluence on voice call 0/114 asad5032
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