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Device 7.1.5 ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Sep-16-2017 Pending Camera Errors 0/20 Bharat.Sharma
Sep-16-2017 Pending Music stops and fails 0/26 Peketembleke
Apr-18-2017 Pending Fm bug 0/33 Omarafifi
Apr-15-2017 Irrelevant update related 0/122 sanju78
Feb-28-2017 Irrelevant Device locked by deleted account 0/104 Santhosh.msc
Feb-18-2017 Pending boot animation 1/84 kuttooos
Feb-15-2017 Pending fingerprint does not work 0/57 bobanuch
Feb-11-2017 Duplicate Redmi Pro and Redmi Note 4 bug that causes the deepsleep battery drain problem 1/298 kristi.sh
Feb-10-2017 Duplicate Redmi Pro has cell standby battery drin 0/282 kristi.sh
Feb-06-2017 Answered Notification group SMS 1/360 VNsentl
Jan-30-2017 Pending miui 8 0/96 athaya_al
Jan-30-2017 Pending Update and mobile data !!! 0/134 Marion3210
Jan-29-2017 Pending status bar 0/82 Zackimatswa
Jan-28-2017 Duplicate Default app for dial is not listing phone app 0/132 swissxcrazy
Jan-28-2017 Answered dawar 0/101 akdawar
Jan-27-2017 Pending No sim card problem. 0/81 AmolJK
Jan-24-2017 Pending Please do something 0/60 BadalDas10
Jan-22-2017 Rejected remove beta tester without notification 0/212 maxmoon666
Jan-21-2017 Pending App crashed frequently 0/107 alexteng88
Jan-20-2017 Answered Impossible set avatar from forum app 0/338 DeicPro
Jan-19-2017 Pending gps stops tracking when screen is off 0/83 mila4
Jan-18-2017 Pending network issue. Network drops 0/50 incrediblerachi
Jan-18-2017 Pending GPS is unable to see any sats properly.... 1/123 cresfang
Jan-18-2017 Pending Update 2.9.0i to 2.9.100 thru Mi Market error.... 0/192 cresfang
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