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Jun-28-2017 Pending Reduce on Screen on Time 0/15 dhaniflich
Jun-28-2017 Pending Unable to make outgoing call from SIM Slot 1 (IDEA SIM) 0/12 swapnil2508
Jun-27-2017 Pending Device is turning on while charging 0/34 _HxC_
Jun-27-2017 Pending Front camera is upside-down 0/50 paolo.brilli
Jun-26-2017 Pending Poor sound quality in earphones 2/102 Kummamon
Jun-25-2017 Pending Napster App keeps crashing on Mi6. 0/84 dr4kendroid
Jun-25-2017 Pending Charging notification 1/40 djuuuun
Jun-24-2017 Pending jaringan 4g 0/52 082251244861
Jun-24-2017 Pending memori tidak kebaca di aplikasi musik 0/19 vadel19novi
Jun-24-2017 Pending update 0/29 junhin855
Jun-24-2017 Pending sinyal 0/27 junhin855
Jun-24-2017 Pending Гарнитуры Bluetooth 0/19 starina47
Jun-24-2017 Pending back up issue 0/38 mannai
Jun-23-2017 Duplicate Mobile Data Restrict Size always changed back to 1 MB 0/38 ahmaddj
Jun-23-2017 Pending MI5C wifi issue after use cellurar data or on hotspot 0/36 Smietana
Jun-23-2017 Pending No sound after change to speaker in some apps 2/95 NitroOxid
Jun-23-2017 Rejected Bug In download setting 0/50 brandhalz1928
Jun-22-2017 Pending pengen ganti ram 0/33 agungdarmanto28
Jun-22-2017 Pending WiFi hotspot bug 0/23 sudarsono1997
Jun-21-2017 Pending set error 1/103 falikhukoma
Jun-21-2017 Pending Couldn't get root access 0/59 marisha
Jun-20-2017 Pending There is no display of processor, camera and others 0/27 Whiwink
Jun-20-2017 Pending Google play services stopped 0/37 werewindle
Jun-19-2017 More info needed Auto brightness bug 1/56 chrisnik
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