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Mi Note 2 MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Mar-25-2017 Irrelevant unlocked bootloader in MI note 2 1/38 sxdbone
Mar-24-2017 Pending Bluetooth connection for calls gets disconnected after some time 0/17 Xsandro
Mar-21-2017 Pending bad updates 0/28 南烟情蠽F
Mar-16-2017 Pending Incoming and outgoing call back LTE to 3G. Operator not possessing VoLTE 0/73 ViviVang
Mar-15-2017 Irrelevant not updated my phone​, not 3 0/33 sanjivraj
Mar-15-2017 Pending Mi Note 2 Global 8.2.3 MAMIDL Quick Charge not working 0/79 TaPaw
Mar-13-2017 Irrelevant Sweden is missing from region 0/43 Natherul
Mar-05-2017 Pending Mi Note 2 4/64 Charge Issue 1/104 Hakkodroid
Mar-04-2017 Pending no sim card 0/29 tilock
Mar-03-2017 Irrelevant 4g not working 0/41 sadeeqkhan
Mar-01-2017 Pending Phone gets heated if using more than 10 mins. 0/27 singhalajit
Feb-19-2017 Answered Mi pc suite wont connect to my mi note 2 0/102 DanoPlane
Feb-19-2017 Irrelevant Need MI for analist. Data google fit cant read 0/51 ditaputera
Feb-12-2017 Pending i can't on wifi , Bluetooth ,hotspot 1/51 ammuamaan
Feb-11-2017 Pending cant change lockscreen wp 0/60 Rendzzx
Feb-11-2017 Pending bad quality night camera 0/101 zarmarco
Feb-04-2017 Irrelevant amazing battery backup 0/54 ruturaj123
Feb-02-2017 Pending Background service is killing after sometime and never starting again. 1/89 shamsid
Jan-31-2017 Pending camera 0/70 jendndjdkdkjd
Jan-27-2017 Pending Close automatically when explore internal and external storage 0/45 Manishmips
Jan-22-2017 Pending No calls if 4G enabled on Mi Note 2 Global 3/85 stelyd
Jan-22-2017 Pending New Phone - Can't proceed beyond theme screen 0/45 PravM
Jan-19-2017 Irrelevant note 2 0/120 iwanaqsho
Jan-17-2017 Pending Unable to tap on mobile network option, Mobile Data, Intl Roaming, Access poi... 1/68 Lima//1
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