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Mar-29-2017 Pending Notification bar change to dark 0/12 mor0
Mar-29-2017 Pending Current account is different from the account info on the device 0/20 adaydin53
Mar-29-2017 Pending genres sort 0/12 dancer729
Mar-29-2017 Pending low volume with headphone 0/21 Loganlaick
Mar-28-2017 Pending to unlock boot loader 0/47 Butt_Sahib
Mar-28-2017 Pending Wifi 802.11n 2.4G mode cannot use 40MHz bandwidth to reach 150Mbps 0/17 nakanoyip
Mar-28-2017 Pending Screen mirroring is not working on samsung tv 0/14 nakanoyip
Mar-27-2017 Pending calendar 0/27 jkeylee91
Mar-26-2017 Pending Radio 0/26 Zercs
Mar-26-2017 Pending I can't be heard during calls 1/37 Alonski
Mar-26-2017 Pending Please add the Japanese language pack. 0/14 Akitsuki-Airi
Mar-26-2017 Pending not showing name of contact when recieving a call 0/26 DanielleAlp
Mar-26-2017 Pending toolbar is not responding frequently 0/16 DanielleAlp
Mar-25-2017 Pending notifcation 0/25 Victor_rizal
Mar-25-2017 Duplicate Timezone Change 0/27 serdarecep
Mar-24-2017 Pending why xiaomi admin does not answer text about 4g+? 0/52 moein66
Mar-23-2017 Pending Sound of the speakers is lower. 0/29 tospacik
Mar-23-2017 Pending notification bar 0/34 jkeylee91
Mar-23-2017 Irrelevant B&W manual mode 0/38 Atsul
Mar-22-2017 Pending 4g+ 1/69 moein66
Mar-21-2017 Answered Offline Netflix not available in China Dev ROM 0/44 ZKRiNG
Mar-20-2017 Irrelevant i need new 0/29 emre24
Mar-20-2017 Pending Touchscreen issue. 7/171 Man1zZz
Mar-20-2017 Pending mms cant not be send 0/23 Wolf22w
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