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Mar-31-2017 Pending MIUI Camera has no 240FPS option, other apps have no slowmo completely 0/0 MsvnGuy
Mar-31-2017 Pending Нужны обновления! 0/9 Doctor-Mars
Mar-31-2017 Pending Not able to turn off the spell checker 0/10 MsvnGuy
Mar-31-2017 Pending Slowmo video has irregular speed at different light conditions 0/12 MsvnGuy
Mar-31-2017 Pending Device freezes and reboots when RAM is highly occupied 0/21 MsvnGuy
Mar-30-2017 Pending GPS issue 0/24 085743423243
Mar-30-2017 Irrelevant Android 7 ? 0/37 OomiheyoO
Mar-29-2017 Pending Fast Charging not working in this build? 0/52 Dr.MTR
Mar-29-2017 Pending mi5s call to other ,the other tell me sound not clear ,have noise on street 0/19 Ordst
Mar-28-2017 Pending Could not place contacts on home screen 1/22 dentistgev
Mar-28-2017 Pending locale always back to china 0/33 arkaint
Mar-28-2017 Pending force closed 0/18 nadzir
Mar-28-2017 Pending MiFlashUnlock doesnt work! 4/86 Zubodub
Mar-28-2017 Pending forum app englesh crash 0/29 ccosmin4lav
Mar-28-2017 Pending cant open mi5/5s forum 1/18 Csgatz
Mar-27-2017 Duplicate Pin contact to desktop doesn't work 8/144 dentistgev
Mar-27-2017 Duplicate Pin contact to desktop doesn't work 13/177 dentistgev
Mar-27-2017 Pending Unlocking reason should contain at least 10 characters 1/44 mackur
Mar-26-2017 Pending Notification 0/22 Jackchen34
Mar-26-2017 Pending Read Mode 0/19 Jackchen34
Mar-26-2017 Pending delay in hangup call 0/12 shakarami2k
Mar-26-2017 Pending very fast battery drain in mi5s 2/38 shakarami2k
Mar-25-2017 Duplicate Cannot add widget with contact 1/37 AlexanderKgr
Mar-25-2017 Irrelevant badly ignored mi5s users 0/31 1678145798
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