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Redmi Pro MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jan-20-2017 Pending χαλασμένο ακουστικό 0/7 Renakii
Jan-19-2017 Pending redmi pro 0/29 Shab-an
Jan-19-2017 Pending my computer not see my phone!! 0/17 DANEILHARB
Jan-18-2017 Irrelevant Enquiry about product 0/14 medaddmom123
Jan-18-2017 Pending Camera bug redmi pro 0/53 Alanafp
Jan-17-2017 Answered cant update globle rom 0/48 blurose
Jan-16-2017 Pending Wifi can't turn on 0/42 anggafaz
Jan-16-2017 Pending camera crashes after use 0/42 uemzeroone
Jan-16-2017 Pending Mi Mover Closes. Redmi Pro. Miui8 7.1.12 Beta 5/159 TorpedoJavi
Jan-15-2017 Pending faild to unlock my phone screen please help 0/52 samaalinadhem
Jan-15-2017 Duplicate Redmi Pro phone - no updates 0/109 1657750387
Jan-13-2017 Pending 测试啊 0/24 nicelxm
Jan-13-2017 More info needed update 0/312 sakhid
Jan-12-2017 Irrelevant Redmi Pro Camera 0/48 lighterthief
Jan-11-2017 Answered I can't update my phone 0/43 298768242
Jan-11-2017 Pending screen starts to flash on and off and vibrates usually after charging 0/19 jimmykchu
Jan-11-2017 Pending Sound 0/31 1662106795
Jan-10-2017 Pending no volte work on redmi pro miui 8 0/42 nakkash
Jan-09-2017 Pending restores 0/29 ahmed_alamoudi
Jan-07-2017 Pending Lower video resolution automatically in slow motion mode 0/27 thenext1
Jan-07-2017 Pending No tracks under Unknown album / artist 0/18 thenext1
Jan-07-2017 Pending Music player icon is missing. 0/34 plamsi
Jan-06-2017 Rejected internal storage details 0/41 7276371516
Jan-06-2017 Duplicate Sync with Mi PC Suite 0/39 Tedik
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