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Redmi Pro MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Mar-31-2017 Pending проблема 0/0 ilya23j
Mar-29-2017 Irrelevant Global Rom 0/48 Altanole
Mar-29-2017 Irrelevant languages 0/20 Altanole
Mar-29-2017 Irrelevant A bricking phone 0/22 CRoberto
Mar-27-2017 Pending Can not get Gmail notifications after updating to MIUI 0/51 DV1973
Mar-26-2017 Irrelevant Android Update 1/52 হাসনাঈন
Mar-26-2017 Pending Wifi always disconnected 0/24 kenjec
Mar-25-2017 Pending Doesn't work. 0/28 Magnolia336
Mar-25-2017 Pending Double Tap To Wake now Work for sometime 0/29 Mpsmith
Mar-25-2017 Pending MIUI Music Player Can't Read Music Tags 0/27 Mpsmith
Mar-25-2017 Pending Facebook Live video serious brightness problem 0/25 Arafat.JS
Mar-25-2017 Duplicate contacts widged 1/37 buils2
Mar-25-2017 Pending force close 0/24 UlicnyTomas
Mar-24-2017 Answered OTA update problem 0/44 RaselSaem
Mar-23-2017 Irrelevant last update 0/36 aref2020
Mar-21-2017 Pending battery 0/35 @nkitrajput
Mar-18-2017 Irrelevant pleasee ROM Global for REDMI PRO quickly 8/122 Ridho96
Mar-16-2017 Pending please add Released new update software 0/31 olympusrobby_
Mar-16-2017 Irrelevant problem flasing ROM 0/51 geobla86
Mar-14-2017 Pending Can't sign in to any google account related items like play store 0/33 Isaiahayui
Mar-13-2017 Duplicate viber bug 2/223 353159
Mar-13-2017 Pending Flash problem 0/31 julienmrc
Mar-12-2017 Pending Problem with the internet signal 4G 0/48 Choupette73
Mar-12-2017 Answered Mi Pc Suite Device connection Problem 5/240 HwangInhee
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