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Redmi 3X MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Mar-25-2017 Pending моросит 0/8 Islamgereev
Mar-24-2017 Pending Tidak dapat di buka 0/12 Rivaldo2564
Mar-23-2017 Pending Signal dropout 0/16 Chefaus100
Mar-22-2017 Irrelevant Please help me and Reply. 0/30 Isadurofiq
Mar-21-2017 Pending bug report error 0/19 anand8029
Mar-21-2017 Pending battery drain 1/32 Firstio
Mar-20-2017 Answered how to change 0/56 Isadurofiq
Mar-18-2017 Irrelevant update 0/66 h3n9k1
Mar-18-2017 Pending mi redmi 3s 0/23 tombayumnam
Mar-18-2017 Solved Is unlock site broken? 0/65 redmi3xb6
Mar-17-2017 More info needed camera 0/52 Andrian95
Mar-15-2017 Pending please help me 0/59 IsRofiq
Mar-14-2017 Pending dead notification led 0/22 AndreaBorroni
Mar-14-2017 Pending my battery 0/29 IsRofiq
Mar-12-2017 Pending issues external sdcard cannot write data 0/19 Andika6786
Mar-07-2017 Pending Can't connect to 3g network 0/31 msapiens
Mar-05-2017 Irrelevant any update 0/29 Premkavitha
Mar-04-2017 Irrelevant fully satisfied 0/34 harshadyadav67
Mar-03-2017 Pending Network not connected label not correct on sim 2 0/75 amnher
Mar-03-2017 Pending Can't tether or share internet 0/36 RedBone07
Feb-25-2017 Answered how to fix couldn't verify update package and update with mi flash 0/124 andiical
Feb-24-2017 Pending Whatsapp unfortunately has stopped 0/34 AshYuji
Feb-24-2017 Irrelevant search option on music player please 0/42 Hizkiatrianto
Feb-22-2017 Pending the sound of my video recorded is soo bad 4/65 KhairilAswar
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