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Mi Max 64GB/128GB MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-24-2017 Duplicate overlap 0/28 vikram9
May-24-2017 Pending Error tombstones in the application com.android.phone 0/13 -=Scrubber=-
May-24-2017 Irrelevant please add animation to albums.. 0/20 avikram
May-24-2017 Irrelevant Could not expand the notification with swiping down with one finger... 0/19 avikram
May-24-2017 Pending Bug on YouTube 0/18 avikram
May-24-2017 Irrelevant music on notification shade... 0/21 avikram
May-21-2017 Irrelevant please help to recover my deleted mi account 0/27 monyoztjr
May-20-2017 Answered Problems in backlight 0/31 Mmichex
May-19-2017 Pending battery drain and over heat 0/65 miziol
May-19-2017 Duplicate Video on browser laggy 0/44 Mmichex
May-19-2017 Irrelevant Update 0/47 Koshe4ka
May-19-2017 Irrelevant mi max 0/42 badhrio
May-18-2017 Duplicate Dual apps 0/37 Godlike1899
May-17-2017 Answered Contacts not displaying 0/36 Mehrissa
May-17-2017 Irrelevant not update 0/30 FCG1968
May-17-2017 Pending Not available for incoming call in 4G mode 0/35 Tyushkevich
May-16-2017 Pending Usb charges only slowly 0/51 zerg1981
May-16-2017 Irrelevant font 0/41 1664546266
May-16-2017 Pending Can't upload video to FB 0/32 iVishu
May-15-2017 Pending finger print keep failure 0/26 swt4747
May-15-2017 Pending can't update to devloper rom 0/60 manoranjan636
May-14-2017 Pending Laggy Videos 0/50 Mmichex
May-14-2017 Pending الشحن الوهمي 0/16 ziad112112
May-14-2017 Pending Gallery Crashing after i restore the photos 0/26 paarry
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