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Mi Max 32GB MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-28-2017 Pending bootloader Current account is different from the account info on the device 0/0 djsam82
Jun-28-2017 Pending Phone is not charging via USB after nougat update. 0/0 Cody746
Jun-28-2017 Rejected التحديث 0/12 himaa123
Jun-28-2017 Pending update OS nougat 0/29 Chairul_insya
Jun-28-2017 Duplicate update OS nougat 0/13 Chairul_insya
Jun-26-2017 Pending i can use this device 0/38 ironsaisai
Jun-26-2017 Pending تحديث مي 8 او النوجا 0/16 1696007378
Jun-26-2017 Pending Mi Max slow USB OTG transfer rates and slow file indexing 0/54 miuin00B
Jun-26-2017 Pending miui version 0/49 munsiew
Jun-25-2017 Pending i want update of nogut and miui 9 0/82 chiranthgowda
Jun-25-2017 Pending Update Noga 0/33 hodasat168
Jun-25-2017 Pending 充電問題 0/13 Yupking
Jun-25-2017 Pending update my xiaomi Mi max 32Gb 1/34 Davin134
Jun-25-2017 Pending kulaklık 0/18 mortuuss
Jun-25-2017 Pending bug 0/26 Brandon8
Jun-25-2017 Pending Việt Nam 0/11 ToanCandy
Jun-24-2017 Pending gak bisa di cas 0/38 085709978205
Jun-24-2017 Pending the screen tactil not found mi max 0/24 antuanw201
Jun-24-2017 Pending some problems miui nbcmied mi max 0/83 manel123
Jun-24-2017 Pending v8.5.1.0 0/61 boggart
Jun-23-2017 Pending Bad version 0/37 oLuckyBabyo
Jun-23-2017 Pending SMS count error 0/28 jetsonsing
Jun-23-2017 Pending VoLTE 0/32 Chaw1960
Jun-23-2017 Pending no upgrade for while 0/48 blessings4
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