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Jan-20-2017 Pending Quick question. Is it possible to activate LTE BAND 20 for Russia on redmi 3 ... 0/2 Beatriche
Jan-20-2017 Pending auto brightness is not working properly 0/0 567Sarigamea
Jan-20-2017 Pending no signal problem 1/0 ramdhanjabbar
Jan-20-2017 Duplicate 4G hilang 0/0 sawong14
Jan-19-2017 Irrelevant About handset 0/31 arijitkundu22
Jan-18-2017 Irrelevant upgrade to miui 0/71 r3d.
Jan-17-2017 Pending defect sound 0/65 adnane1451
Jan-16-2017 Pending Home screen folder animation lag 0/75 emirssyahputra
Jan-14-2017 Answered Sunrise and sunset view 0/77 aikimaru
Jan-13-2017 Pending Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Enabled Together Battery Issue 28/664 advokatb
Jan-12-2017 Duplicate LED notif is gone 0/25 alif.agung.15
Jan-12-2017 Answered Can't connect default camera 0/55 ketan156
Jan-12-2017 Pending Battery drop / drain battery very fast 0/55 Mo3z4mily
Jan-11-2017 More info needed Fast Battery drain 0/42 Papirkutya
Jan-11-2017 Irrelevant Help! | How can i get upgrade miui 7 to miui 8? 0/34 Ngabarabay
Jan-10-2017 Pending Missing status bar 0/34 tjahyadi106
Jan-10-2017 Pending camera is not clear 0/45 Shaikhasgar
Jan-10-2017 Irrelevant can't update 0/43 PRAKASH1988
Jan-10-2017 Irrelevant can't use theme 0/28 man9212
Jan-09-2017 Duplicate mirror camera 0/22 Diazrafly
Jan-09-2017 Pending mirror front camera 0/33 Diazrafly
Jan-09-2017 Pending earphones volume problem 0/41 xpto9
Jan-09-2017 Irrelevant Tolong tambah fitur 0/24 muharfanu
Jan-09-2017 Pending My wifi connection was slom 0/22 IING13
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