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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Sep-22-2017 Pending seubect 0/1 nadiol
Sep-22-2017 Pending batery 0/1 nadiol
Sep-18-2017 Pending can't create a google account on my mi5 pro 0/29 madsboll
Sep-17-2017 Pending the first days in the month doesn't appear. 0/52 Eran.lenga
Sep-15-2017 Pending no funciona el microfono 0/25 javaro1969
Sep-14-2017 Pending OIS not working 0/52 sarawanen1695
Sep-14-2017 Pending two processors sleep 0/29 sarawanen1695
Sep-13-2017 Pending problema de actualización 0/20 jeeeaaan
Sep-13-2017 Pending Can't use custom notification on WhatsApp 1/112 nico89s
Sep-12-2017 Under discussion LINE and Whatsapp message custom notification sounds doesn't work [silenced] 2/276 choukawaii
Sep-12-2017 Pending Unable To Recognize App in Accessibility Settings 0/60 choukawaii
Sep-12-2017 Pending Spelling Error on Developer Options #2 2/79 choukawaii
Sep-12-2017 Answered Spelling Error on Developer Options #1 2/65 choukawaii
Sep-12-2017 Pending Video quality settings are not saved 1/72 colaus
Sep-09-2017 Pending Notification is late 0/35 Erlanggaxum
Sep-08-2017 Pending sangat susah 0/18 armansusandi
Sep-07-2017 Pending wifi poor signal 0/37 zunesynyster
Sep-05-2017 Pending Miui 9 on Mi5 0/45 rayhan24
Sep-04-2017 Pending Miui 9 0/31 ponchoo846
Sep-04-2017 Pending Actualizacion a la Miui 9 con android 7 0/31 ponchoo846
Sep-04-2017 Pending Actualizacion software 0/28 ponchoo846
Sep-03-2017 Pending GPS in some apps shows an incorrect location. 3/131 blinoff82
Sep-03-2017 Pending Screen goes on by itself 0/42 jcunltd
Sep-03-2017 Pending Security leak MIUI app switcher (exposure sensitive data) 3/240 Domker
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