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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jan-15-2017 Pending WAKELOCKS do not work in background apps 0/52 EpiKanga
Jan-14-2017 Irrelevant 5 icons fast settings 0/238 Vladimir2k9
Jan-13-2017 More info needed uber crashes 0/25 820585
Jan-13-2017 Pending share button disappeared 8/169 kankalun
Jan-11-2017 Pending Google play store 1/67 robrodrigues
Jan-11-2017 Answered notification not opening the app 1/66 robrodrigues
Jan-11-2017 Rejected Phone will remain unlocked if Mi Remote is open (Not minimized) 0/53 MiBoen
Jan-08-2017 Pending Log In Loop in Mi Cloud 2/33 robinuk
Jan-06-2017 Pending Touch screen freezed after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity 0/26 Shakoor
Jan-03-2017 Answered WhatsApp notifications 3/30 jose7e85
Jan-03-2017 Pending Dual sim and bluetooth - Not possible to make a call 1/51 caruni
Jan-02-2017 Pending poor quality of front camera. 1/38 Ehsanhp
Jan-02-2017 Pending Rsap Bluetooth missing 0/24 renek74
Jan-02-2017 Answered Xiaomi MI5 Pro is locked with nonexistent account 0/53 NightArh
Jan-01-2017 Duplicate Incorrect time zone 4/84 PalDark911
Jan-01-2017 Answered Account removal bug 0/37 NightArh
Dec-31-2016 Answered WiFi 0/63 NeoNight
Dec-29-2016 Rejected missing nfc 0/30 jony7
Dec-26-2016 Pending Unable to send feedback 1/29 farizariffin
Dec-26-2016 Pending Unable to display HTML events 0/30 farizariffin
Dec-24-2016 Pending Loosing internet connection 0/25 mashder1
Dec-24-2016 Pending remove administrator application is possible 0/32 kiralex
Dec-22-2016 Pending mi5 pro locked 0/50 0699264707
Dec-21-2016 Answered Mi5 suspended. 0/52 PapaP1EY
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