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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jan-19-2017 Pending [unsolved]unable to login designer.xiaomi.com 0/29 MayurSurwase
Jan-18-2017 Pending test 0/6 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Pending test 0/7 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Pending testing 0/5 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Pending battery draining fast 0/15 masum244
Jan-18-2017 Pending test3 0/10 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Pending test1 0/29 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Pending test2 0/65 hy啊哈
Jan-18-2017 Irrelevant Needed leans blur camera option. 0/34 1665321149
Jan-17-2017 Pending reboots on its own 0/16 aviashu20
Jan-17-2017 Pending test4 0/113 hy啊哈
Jan-09-2017 Pending ois uncalibrated 0/19 nicolasch2
Jan-09-2017 Pending error button 0/35 chendasok
Jan-08-2017 Rejected Add font change 0/51 Mohaimin777
Jan-06-2017 Answered SHOWING ERROR NULL : CAN'T IMPORT 1/117 raven147
Jan-06-2017 Pending unable to login designer.xiaomi.com 0/47 MayurSurwase
Jan-05-2017 Pending Mi Wallet Force Close 0/20 RNox23
Jan-04-2017 Rejected speed dailing 0/22 nabeelshahid
Jan-03-2017 Rejected tactile fingerprint 0/23 marioferreira1
Jan-01-2017 More info needed message problem 0/57 Ocak2017uye
Dec-29-2016 Rejected updet global version 0/35 1626920352
Dec-27-2016 Answered expand MI Cloud using MI Credit. 2/73 HkK.2003
Dec-26-2016 Pending reboot 0/27 dhalimi
Dec-23-2016 Pending test 0/36 hy简单的小幸福
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