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Mi Note MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Mar-29-2017 Pending otg problem 0/15 avalon292
Mar-28-2017 Irrelevant need hdr for front camera 0/17 luckyluke39
Mar-28-2017 Irrelevant mi app store 0/33 aungkaungkhant
Mar-28-2017 Pending Root not detected 0/22 Rayyan2493
Mar-27-2017 Pending no network 0/18 mgnge
Mar-24-2017 Answered updates 0/59 austy\'s
Mar-23-2017 Pending slow Internet speed 0/26 ewiase
Mar-18-2017 Irrelevant Update this store 0/46 1234567890ibsa
Mar-14-2017 Pending Front camera does not work 0/33 q4o7qnu1iwh
Mar-13-2017 Irrelevant on dark thenes 0/33 Alucard1946
Mar-10-2017 Pending heating 1/24 davinder.sharma
Mar-10-2017 Pending phone hangs 0/20 davinder.sharma
Mar-09-2017 Pending my phone was not updated 0/31 Abdl12@
Mar-09-2017 Pending mi remort 0/30 9666711707sonu
Mar-07-2017 Answered not work 0/39 montu68
Mar-06-2017 Pending camera not working and reboot it self 0/20 MengNote
Mar-06-2017 Pending new version miui not stable at my mi note lte 1/83 Leonard228
Mar-04-2017 Pending Music Player for File Explorer 0/30 OliverTHK
Mar-04-2017 Pending Autostart Feature 0/29 OliverTHK
Mar-04-2017 Pending Wifi 5GHz very long time to connect. 1/65 lg4xhd
Mar-04-2017 Pending very slow 0/27 hazrykusanagi
Mar-04-2017 Pending volume change after plugin headphones/earbuds 0/25 pbgustang
Mar-04-2017 Pending picture crash after take foto 0/23 hazrykusanagi
Feb-26-2017 Irrelevant i dont get ota for update 0/103 gagan920
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