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Redmi 2 Prime MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
May-01-2017 Pending novas atualizações 0/0 oochaves
May-01-2017 Pending my wifi was does not work 0/10 murali.123
Apr-30-2017 Pending kamera bermasah tidak bisa di foto 0/18 zeinkaya
Apr-30-2017 Pending updater miui 0/17 Daudsepti14
Apr-30-2017 Pending kamera depan 0/13 adisaputra14
Apr-30-2017 Pending memory is full 0/25 EdimuloBarrack
Apr-30-2017 Pending after installing global 8 7.4.27/beta on Redmi2 prime sim cards not working 0/25 santuccio
Apr-29-2017 Pending cámara no funciona 0/17 Paopio
Apr-29-2017 Pending Music player 0/40 Izapoetiza
Apr-29-2017 Pending عکاسی HDR 0/14 reza.zareie
Apr-29-2017 Pending کمممک 0/13 reza.zareie
Apr-29-2017 Pending camera bermasalah 0/33 wowowowiw
Apr-29-2017 Pending cera saya bermasalah 0/22 wowowowiw
Apr-29-2017 Pending camera saya bermasalah 0/19 wowowowiw
Apr-29-2017 Pending camera saya bermasalah 0/15 wowowowiw
Apr-29-2017 Pending battery drain fastly 0/19 Guddualok
Apr-29-2017 Pending android version 6.0 0/22 Clayton24
Apr-28-2017 Pending Battery draining 0/40 arungupta1
Apr-28-2017 Pending headphone detection pblm..redmi 2 prime 1/24 JB-MI
Apr-28-2017 Pending Automatically goes to No Network when in call 1/16 sanjay.sindkar
Apr-27-2017 Pending xiomi redmi 2 prime 0/31 Djasmins
Apr-27-2017 Pending Bluetooth not connected 0/19 syedimam
Apr-27-2017 Pending Signal problem 1/22 Varamp
Apr-27-2017 Pending update version issue 0/39 Ashrafrasulbhai
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