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Redmi 2 MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jan-20-2017 Pending did not translate some paragraphs of text to russian language 0/0 Niko_las
Jan-20-2017 Pending reboot problem 0/0 dharmendra51
Jan-19-2017 Pending did not translated alphabet on the right side to russian language 0/34 Niko_las
Jan-19-2017 Pending Natively bundled dependencies override app dependencies -> runtime exception 0/18 AlixW
Jan-18-2017 Pending Call Waiting Notification Doesn't Show in Outgoing Call 0/38 NaDiM22
Jan-18-2017 Pending Call Waiting Notification On Outgoing Call 0/34 NaDiM22
Jan-18-2017 Pending Problem with the volume control !!! 0/18 Niko_las
Jan-18-2017 Pending bug report on redmi 2 after upgrading to miui8 0/30 yash_v
Jan-17-2017 Irrelevant update ota lolipop for redmi2 0/62 ikenbali
Jan-17-2017 Pending the brightness of the screen "trembles" 0/22 Niko_las
Jan-17-2017 Answered update 0/38 saqqu
Jan-16-2017 Pending Natively bundled dependencies override app dependencies -> runtime exception 1/46 AlixW
Jan-15-2017 Duplicate Mi PC Suite language/runtime error 0/94 Juan.ap13
Jan-12-2017 Irrelevant android lollipop needed 0/42 k.sanu
Jan-12-2017 Duplicate Theme is not conect to internet. 0/29 hanshu49
Jan-12-2017 Answered Theme 0/56 hanshu49
Jan-11-2017 Pending mobile continuously restart and reboot. 0/33 Mangalchdas
Jan-10-2017 Answered voltr enabled option 0/48 bk.palani
Jan-10-2017 Answered Not working contact search T9 1/39 Dmas
Jan-09-2017 Pending mkv file is not support in videoplayer 0/23 hanshu49
Jan-09-2017 Irrelevant add slow motion 0/37 mi:1589014609
Jan-09-2017 More info needed battery draining 0/53 k.sanu
Jan-09-2017 Duplicate MIPC Suite does not work properly 0/45 maoliveira
Jan-09-2017 Irrelevant i want to download miui browser 1/129 Uniique
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