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Redmi 2 MIUI version ROM version Country/Region All time
Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Apr-23-2017 Pending Signal no service 0/20 ilhamdrmwn
Apr-20-2017 Pending Sim card 1 No service 0/30 Kian_Siong
Apr-18-2017 Answered to mi.com very bad not nice mobile so bad camera not working 0/32 kuldeepyadav
Apr-17-2017 Irrelevant update new version 0/48 9041853481
Apr-17-2017 Pending data disconnected while calling 0/28 tenner_yaputra
Apr-17-2017 Pending Problem with explorer categories 0/21 takep89
Apr-16-2017 Pending camera is not working 0/40 cutiepi
Apr-16-2017 Irrelevant karthi 0/30 1687519591
Apr-16-2017 Pending Redmi 2 screen flickering 0/30 Siddhartha1999
Apr-15-2017 Pending PC SUITE DOES NOTE WORK FOR REDMI2 1/45 WRonco
Apr-13-2017 Pending Error galery 0/30 TeguhSekijeew
Apr-12-2017 Pending redmi 0/27 981148419
Apr-11-2017 Irrelevant To ROM Global 0/35 ragawa
Apr-11-2017 Irrelevant kamera depan tidak berfungsi 0/27 20071992
Apr-10-2017 Irrelevant Font Menu 1/45 4ever.fajar
Apr-10-2017 Answered this app crashing immediately after opening without any notification 0/35 manishrsinghi
Apr-10-2017 Answered contact app crashing immediately after opening without any notification 1/49 manishrsinghi
Apr-10-2017 Answered app crashing immediately after the opening without any notification 0/35 manishrsinghi
Apr-09-2017 Irrelevant input language 0/32 aprilia1991
Apr-09-2017 Answered 3rd party themes aren't installing 0/32 ChinmayaG
Apr-09-2017 Pending SIM Card slots not working for different SIM/SIMs in Redmi 2 0/47 Souradip92
Apr-09-2017 Pending microphone 0/21 ratnank21
Apr-08-2017 Pending Device has slowed down completely 0/29 9403494611
Apr-08-2017 Irrelevant download 0/34 Asphire
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