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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Jun-17-2017 Pending Online Radios app turn off after 5mn when screen in standby 0/30 skoffy
Jun-16-2017 Pending Bug on Globle beta 7.6.15 0/57 sunnynegi2011
Jun-11-2017 Pending Eraseable MI Music app 0/37 norbee80
Jun-08-2017 Pending about phone heating 0/48 Raju20200
Jun-07-2017 Pending I want update 0/45 0919000191
Jun-05-2017 Pending boros 0/43 yanuarrizky
Jun-02-2017 Pending Headphones are not detected by MIUI (Confirm here!) 8/674 Mura20
Jun-02-2017 Pending heat issue 0/38 luckey7
May-28-2017 Duplicate Chinese text and toast notifications in global beta 1/80 Matifali
May-20-2017 Duplicate hidden file's image can't open 0/40 mi:1581607953
May-17-2017 Answered hidding pics 0/54 Mr-Bhatti
May-16-2017 Irrelevant Note 4x is more updated than Note 4 MTK 0/69 Hossainsajib
May-14-2017 Pending Apps runs in background 0/54 MadKing123
May-12-2017 Irrelevant why no update android 0/48 maxliang200
May-12-2017 Answered mobile data running with off in setting 0/60 payalhardik
May-10-2017 Irrelevant I delete my browser 0/61 YsoHARD
May-06-2017 Pending if i play a music the phone is being hang 0/30 mastertherex
May-01-2017 Pending FM Radio sound is too low. 0/67 mbehera04
Apr-26-2017 Pending Decreased volume level 0/26 dhdhdhjf
Apr-23-2017 Answered no update available 1/85 gymn.os
Apr-19-2017 Pending WiFi problem 0/78 deivid_floripa
Apr-16-2017 Pending speaker volume became low 0/51 sunil10
Apr-14-2017 Answered 4G LTE 0/95 sis94
Apr-12-2017 Pending Draining faster 0/48 1657774510
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