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Feb-26-2017 Pending [Mipad] RAM CLEANER cleans ALSO locked apps 1/49 eGo26
Feb-01-2017 Pending Unable to update pic in MI ACCOUNT 0/69 Vikraena
Jan-29-2017 Pending Device is incompatible for some Google Apps to download 0/49 ampong
Jan-27-2017 Pending my Camera is not responding 0/26 krishnaverma1
Jan-07-2017 Pending black screen occurred, screencast from mipad to smart tv or android tv box 1/64 IWO∀IX
Jan-06-2017 Pending Touch is not working 0/72 Debasri
Dec-17-2016 Answered app not working 0/59 lokeshk988@
Dec-11-2016 Answered battery charging and discharging in instant 0/64 习惯说笨
Nov-23-2016 Pending Child mode problem on MI PAD 2 0/36 stolyaruk
Nov-21-2016 Answered launcher crashing!? 0/84 Marius_zz
Oct-17-2016 Pending SCREENCAST with Chromecast 2 on MiPad plays only audio, NO VIDEO (blank screen) 0/46 Sun.kanni
Oct-06-2016 Pending SCREENCAST with Chromecast 2 on MiPad plays only audio, NO VIDEO (blank screen) 11/297 Sun.kanni
Sep-29-2016 Pending Help with Mi Pad unable to boot 0/89 Marmanvi
Sep-22-2016 Pending Wifi related issues. 4/98 ahnasir
Sep-04-2016 Pending Mi pad wifi and bluetooth are not working. 0/113 Redmideepak23
Aug-14-2016 Pending google sync stops every now and then 0/94 coolantzere
Aug-02-2016 Pending NO READ MODE IN BROWSER, 100% BATTERY ERROR, TAB OPERATES ITSELF. 0/163 savanpatil.19@g
Jul-11-2016 Pending Please fix this bug and improve miui! 0/149 fawadmirza
Jul-06-2016 Pending Videos doesn't show up on browser 0/64 Ritu2222
Jun-25-2016 Pending Rocket Music Player stops abruptly every time I open Google Play Games or CoC! 0/72 nyasatori
May-28-2016 More info needed Battery battery indication 2/235 s13r@n
May-24-2016 Pending MI Pad can't play videos 2/125 Kgrocks87
May-21-2016 Pending No read mode option in URL of mi browser 1/140 savanpatil.19@g
May-15-2016 Pending No proper rotation for wallpapers on MIPAD. 1/119 fawadmirza
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