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Report time Status Bug Confirmations Reporter
Dec-01-2016 Pending Proximity Sensor not working 0/91 ras2xm
Jun-14-2016 Answered Issues with popping warnings 0/70 goga_v
Feb-06-2016 Pending Mi 2A random reboots when Mobile Data been enabled (MIUI v7) 14/353 dimenti
Jan-18-2016 Answered miui 7 1/209 yogesh0880008
Jan-13-2016 Answered Xiami remi 2 (MIUI7) can't connect to MiPC Suit 2/454 pipozgb
Dec-09-2015 Pending RedMi 2A HM 2A 1/734 collosangy05
Dec-08-2015 Under discussion USSD returning HEX Characters 1/230 THEONLYMEHUL
Nov-27-2015 Pending missing chipset equiliser 1/217 Debpriyo
Nov-23-2015 Answered My Contact showing Error all the Time!! 0/206 sintukrish
Nov-11-2015 Answered Rooting file not update 0/345 radomathan
Nov-04-2015 Pending outgoing calls restricted by FDN 0/543 Raviash
Oct-29-2015 Pending unable to run USSD codes. 1/311 saurav_redmi2A
Oct-23-2015 Pending camara flash yellowish 1/246 jeppi
Oct-02-2015 Answered Hide and store Blocked contact notifications without intimation 0/971 chiatu.dev
Sep-28-2015 Under discussion when i open camera everytime get error cannot connect camera please help me 0/239 南蕾最初礳
Aug-08-2015 More info needed please fix 1/190 thesikan
Jun-20-2015 Pending No Data connectivity after switch ON or reboot 0/245 andycoke
May-15-2015 Under discussion notification light not working properly 0/415 NIK96
Apr-29-2015 Pending Mi 2A random reboots on MIUI V6 18/1097 Lopatek
Feb-03-2015 Under discussion Front camera not work 0/259 RuLe89
Jan-04-2015 Under discussion Mi2a jack output not working with some devices/headphones since MIUI v6. 2/1165 Adyjayex
Dec-29-2014 Pending Error: 492 1/639 Nwdos
Oct-22-2014 Solved unable to find out miui v5-4.10.13 roaming data connection enable/disable option 1/645 averaraz
Oct-14-2014 More info needed Issue with Home button 2/623 smarg
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