MIUI V5 ,MIUI Redefining Android,Bringing customization to a whole other level with phone and SMS features that you wouldn't think of and an original UI that redefines Android

Phone & SMS

Better Call & SMS experience

Find contacts using the dial pad, full screen avatar displays during incoming calls, information such as location of caller and spam calls are clearly shown, efficiently blocks out unnecessary calls and just an overall refined phone experience.

  1. Phone
  2. Messaging

Reliable Privacy Protection

Equipped with Kingsoft, Wall-E, LBE and other security software to protect device contents

Network Assistant

Don't worry about exceeding your data plan as MIUI constantly updates data usage from carrier feedback. Network Assistant also gives you absolute control. Don't worry about exceeding your data plan as MIUI constantly updates data usage from carrier feedback. Easily adjust which application uses WLAN or carrier data network and the added data traffic control measaures ensures optimal usage of your data plan.

  1. Network Assistant

  2. Anti-Spam

  3. Virus Scan

  4. Backup

  5. Password

  6. Permissions

  7. Find Device

  8. Autostart

Customization On Another Level

Personalized themes, numerous lockscreens and a variety of MiSpace to choose from.

Personalized Themes

Choose from thousands of themes from our online store.
Gain access to numerous themes carefully designed by renowned theme designers.

  1. Unique Themes
  2. Fun Locksreens
  3. MiSpace

Larger Font Sizes

Making your phone adjust to your eye vision, not vice versa

Normal Font Size

Large Font Size

Over 200 Functions

Making life a bit easier

  1. Lockscreen Flashlight

    Get immediate access to your flash light in one touch. Long press the home key enables the flashlight immediately.

  2. Weather

    The new weather app illustrates the outdoor conditions. Watch depictions of the rain, snow or cloudy conditions right on your screen.

  3. Notes

    The re-designed Notes app, can now add in pictures and contacts. You can even send notes to your homescreen so you won't forget important tasks.

  4. Toggles Drop Down Bar

    From the drop down, you can select from 19 functions to put on the toggle drop down bar. Mute, vibrate, WLAN connection, Bluetooth - whatever you like.

  5. Alarm Clock Always On

    Just because you turned off your phone, does not mean your alarm clock will be disabled. The scheduled alarm on your MIUI phone will still go off.

  6. One Click Cache Clean up

    Long press the home key and the Task Cleaner will pop up. It is just that easy to clean up the cache.