MIUI Redefining Android,Now Up To V5,Bringing customization to a whole other level with phone and SMS features that you wouldn't think of and an original UI that redefines Android

  • What is MIUI?

  • MIUI V5

  • MIUI MiSpace

  • Calls & SMS

    Better call and SMS experience
    Free cloud messaging with MIUI users

  • Increased Security

    Advanced security system and apps
    Block unwanted calls & spam texts

  • Online Resources

    A variety of video, music & games
    Access to over 600,000 Android apps

  • Unique & Customized

    Mix and match to what you want it to be
    Try the new MiSpace & customize away

  • Cloud Services

    Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    Store & access content conveniently

  • Faster Launcher

    Optimized at the system level
    Silky smooth experience

  • 200+ Feature Improvements

    Cleverly designed features
    Refined essentials like custom font sizes

  • Updated Constantly

    Rain or shine, MIUI updates weekly
    MIUI evolves with our user feedback