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Mi Cloud

Mi Cloud lets you access your photos, contacts, messages, call logs and more from anywhere.
With 5 GB of free storage and more powerful features,
Mi Cloud seamlessly syncs all content on your Mi Phone, Mi Pad, Mi TV and more.

Enjoy your content on any device

Mi Cloud backs up your photos over Wi-Fi, allowing you to view them anytime from anywhere.
Create a shared photo album for your vacation and you can see photo and video contributions on your 49-inch Mi TV. You can also choose to only share your content with your friends and family.

Fully support system apps

Mi Cloud allows you to sync bookmarks in Browser. You can continue browsing webpages on your Mi Pad from where you left off on your Mi Phone.

Mi Cloud supports syncing songs, so you can enjoy your favorite music on multiple devices at any time.

The Reader automatically syncs your reading progress and other data such as bookmarks, excerpts and notes.

Your precious memories, stored in Mi Cloud

You can also access all messages, contacts, notes and photos from any browser on any device with Mi Cloud.
Just go to i.mi.com. It's that simple.

Your content is secure

With distributed data storage mechanisms on Mi Cloud, all data received are encrypted from transmission to storage. Your Mi account also requires two-step sign in authentication, so that only you can access your information. The privacy and security of your content is of utmost importance to us.