Flashing Guide

Step 1
Downloading flashing tools and ROM pack
Download necessary files to prepare for flashing MIUI ROM
Download ROM-flashing tools
1. Unzip the original pack GOT and put it into a root directory of a certain disk backup (the path and SBF name cannot include Chinese)
2. Unzip RSD Lite 4.6 on the computer and install it.
3. Unzip Milestone driver on the computer and install it.
4. Put update.zip and OpenRecovery folders obtained from the decompression of OpenRecovery into the root directory of your SD card in your phone. Please do not delete or rename them.
Download Now (Size:128MB, MD5:A44119C147578086A0DF097F5D15212E)
Download the latest MIUI ROM installation package and directly put it into the folder of SD card / OpenRecovery / updates in your phone without unzipping.
Download Now (Size:79M, MD5: B149B90D251D1A6DE56185D9E97F9F81 )