Flashing Guide

Downloading flashing tools
Download necessary files to prepare for flashing MIUI ROM
Download the latest MIUI ROM Download Now (Size: 72M, MD5: 849E6D4447932D937B0BBFB1691B8B9B)
If you have downloaded the latest installation pack, there will be no need to download it again.
Download ROM-flashing tools Download Now (Size: 6.14MB, MD5:8853CB5198052363164E8CE3EBCECCAE)
Prepare a SD card with more than 100M free space.

Unzip Flash_Tools.zip onto the computer desktop and copy Desire_Radio.zip in the directory to the root directory of your SD card.

Don’t unzip MIUI_ROM installation pack, copy it into the root directory of your SD card. The final SD card directory file is shown in the picture below.
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