Flashing Guide

Downloading flashing tools and ROM pack
Download necessary files to prepare for flashing MIUI ROM.
1.This tutorial needs to be performed in the Windows operating system environment.
2.This tutorial is only for HTC Desire S, the S510E has not been tested, and it is not recommended to use this set of instructions for other models.
3.Please be careful when flashing the ROM. Xiaomi Corporation does not take any responsibility for any problems caused by flashing.
4.This tutorial is from an Internet resource and has been reorganized officially. If there are any copyright issues, please contact the administrator. For more detailed information, please refer to the disclaimer.
Download the latest MIUI ROM installation package Download Now ( )
If you have already downloaded the latest installation pack, there is no need to download it again.
Download ROM-flashing tools Download Now (size:10.2MB MD5: 8A0E56E31687470172A39172A481CBA5)
Prepare a MicroSD card with more than 256Mb of free space.

Unzip “g12_tools.zip” onto the computer desktop.

Don’t unzip MIUI_ROM installation package, copy it into the root directory of your SD card.